Monday, June 13, 2011

My New Hoodie

I would like to share with you good news. Yeah! After two years of study, I have completed graduate work.
This is the most important lesson I learned during the program: Communities ignite learning. I achieved my Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction through a professional learning community model. There were 30 teachers who met one weekend a month for two years. What an awesome experience! Without these professionals, I would not have gone as deep. I would not have done as much reflecting, and I would not have been able to integrate what I was learning into my classroom.
Since graduation, I've been reflecting on learning communities. I began writing this blog during my graduate program to meet a technology course requirement. In the process, I connected with teachers. Blogging builds community. I've decided to become a blogger and see where it leads. I intend to use this blog to record ideas, resources, and projects for teaching. I want you to come along too. Although I am writing the posts, I hope you will feel comfortable enough to join the conversation and share ideas.