Saturday, July 10, 2010

Curtain Call

I think fabric is a good way to make a classroom inviting. I am sewing curtains with these coordinating fabrics. The curtains will cover three windows that border the door into my classroom. I don't want to deal with "hallway kids" peeking in during class.

I've been surfing for ideas on decorating. This tidbit from "How to Decorate a Middle School Classroom" was found here.

"Stay away from primary colors like royal blue or bright yellow, unless these are your school colors. Neon colors are more trendy and will draw the eyes of older students. Primary colors are used more often in an elementary setting."
I don't know if there is any research on this statement, I just happened to find these great coordinating fabrics at JoAnns Fabrics and Crafts. Since they are predominately neon, why not?
I'm sewing what should be a simple gathered curtain that I will hang on a tension rod. I miscalculated the first curtain and it is an inch short. Back to the drawing board (or rather sewing machine). Pictures of the completed project will have to come later.

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