Friday, July 30, 2010

Message Center

Keeping things organized as a teacher can be difficult, especially if you teach multiple classes with different subjets. However, good organization is paramount and makes your job teaching much easier.
The purpose of a message center is to allow you to quickly find what needs to be found. I'm often puzzled where I tucked a note, or a phone number, or a student list. A cork bulletin board is perfect to keep me on track during a hectic week in school.
What I used:
roll of fine grain and self healing hobby cork board
spray adhesive
wood puzzle pieces measuring 12' X 12 '
scissors and straight edge tacks or pushpins

It was so fun and easy to work with the hobby cork board. I had never used a spray adhesive and now I'm "stuck" - it's a wonderful, easy material to use. I simply sprayed both the wood puzzle piece and a piece of cork board, pressed the two together and rolled it with a kitchen rolling pin. I used the straight edge to trim around the puzzle piece.

I found these cute push pins and now I'm set for any message sent my way.

I probably had enough cork board to create a hundred piece puzzle, but I settled on this cork board grouping to hang behind my computer center.

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