Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's a Jungle In Here!

Bulletin boards make a great teaching tool for your students.
They'll make your classroom visually appealing and stimulating.

I generally enlarge my clipart to a size of 3 or 4 feet. The larger sizes tend to pop out and get noticed.

Clipart has saved my life - - enlarge, reduce, be creative! I use clipart on my bulletin boards, portfolio covers, worksheets, instructional units . . . everywhere!
Google Image makes it so easy. Read about copyright restrictions here.

I'm counting on this gang to help with some interactive bulletin boards.


  1. I was wondering what you used to color your animals? It looks like crayons...


  2. I've used Crayolas and I've not had any trouble with laminating my finished project. Some teachers have had trouble with crayons - -the wax in them will melt and smear. I think it depends on if you really press hard with the color and if the laminating machine is too hot. I would guess those two things combined would produce smeared products. Crayola Twistables are ok to use with laminating b/c they do not contain the same amount of wax as regular crayons.