Saturday, July 5, 2008

Questions for Mrs. Full

Why did you start writing this blog?

The summer of 2008 I attended a technology institute for educators. I was so impressed with the projects created by colleagues. When blogging was introduced, I received the best advice from a veteran blogger, “The best way to learn is to do.” After viewing several published blogs, I decided I needed a theme. Since I’m preparing my classroom for the new school year, I’ll blog my preparations.

Why the crafts and projects theme?

There are numerous websites for curriculum and lesson plans written by the experts. I thought I’d take this path and share projects. Also, I need photos to work with many of the page elements on the blogger template.
It appears you like to craft, do your students get the opportunity to create projects?
As we progress through the year, I will include descriptions and pictures of their projects. I teach the language arts for fifth grade students and I incorporate many hands-on craft activities in their lessons. We also create projects for the seasons, mother’s day, red ribbon week, the holidays, and the list just goes on . . .

But what is the academic value of Hands-On Craft Projects in Elementary Schools?

Conducted in 2001 by ROCKMAN ET AL, an independent educational research and consulting company, the study revealed the following key findings:· Student learning improves when classroom lessons incorporate hands-on craft activities.· Students develop greater curiosity about the subject matter when craft projects are included.· Student behavior and socialization skills improve when crafts are undertaken.· Teachers regularly use craft projects to teach the core subjects and link the projects to state and national curriculum standards.· Teachers say learning through craft projects accommodates students with different learning styles.

What's fun about blogging? Doesn't it waste hours of time?

Yep - especially when you are learning the “how-to” of blogging.” But if you notice I do not spend a great deal of time journaling. The majority of my blogs are pictures. I like to post ideas that might be helpful to teachers. I try to post simple projects that anyone can do. . .things that are fun. My intent is the projects I have completed will inspire ideas in others. I hope others will share their ideas and comments.


  1. I've been missing your great ideas. Hope all is okay with you.

  2. I love your blog. I am doing a Safari/jungle theme in my classroom this year. How do you get the Google images to be 3 feet and print them

  3. Thanks for your kind words. I do like really large artwork for my bulletin boards. I copy the clipart on a transparency. Next, I use an overhead projector and trace the pattern on bulletin board paper. I color, cut, laminate and they are ready to hang. Hope this helps.