Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's for lunch?

Students are given two lunch choices - -A or B. Also there is the option of Cold Lunch or Home. The labels for the lunch choices were printed on sticker paper and wrapped around frosting tubs.
Uses for pocket charts in the classroom are almost endless. For simple attendance and lunch count, I created this pocket chart. Student names are in number order on the pockets. The pockets for the chart were created in Microsoft Publisher. These pockets were glued to a poster board and then the board was laminated.

All students check in first thing in the morning. The menu choices are written on a small white marker board near the pocket chart. They make the lunch decision using a craft stick. A quick glance at the chart gives a lunch tally and also signals children who are absent.
A great time-saver for me is delegating the responsibility of lunch count and attendance to our class secretary.


  1. my name is Amanda and I recently found your blog. I love it!! And this year will be my first year teaching! I will be in 2nd grade. I just have a couple of question for you.
    1. How did you create the pockets in Publisher?
    2. Where did you find the clip art that is on the pockets?
    I really want to use this idea for my classroom, but need a little a help!
    One more thing...what do you use to color your bulletin board cut outs? Crayon, markers, map colors?? They look really good!

    I am so impressed with your talent. I hope you wouldn't mind emailing me.
    Thanks so much


  2. Amanda - thanks for your interest and kind words. I'm going to send an email right now!