Sunday, July 27, 2008

Please Sit Down!

This little ol’ wood school chair was separated from its classmates at some point and then landed in my room. I decided this loner would make a fun chair for our star student. The “star” gets to use the chair for the entire week.
It was a project involving spray paint, Mod-Podge, sponges, painter’s tape, balsam wood stars, and time. Several coats of Mod-Podge should guarantee those letters stay put.
Tearing the painter’s tape into strips to create the zebra stripes was time-consuming, but well worth the effort - our star chair is dressed to celebrate.


  1. I loved this idea so I stole it! I got two chairs and repadded the seats with zebra and cheetah fabric. I painted them and one became my "Star Student" chair and the other my "Anderson Awesome Achiever" chair. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea. I'm so excited for my kids to use them this year!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Your idea to pad is great. My students love the attention of the "star" chair but they have commented that I'd truly honor them if the chair was "cushie".